Thema:Time and phenomenon


Time is not streem like a liver that is going to down from up.

Future does not exist in front of you.
Past does not exist behind of you.

Time is like a faint line that you created only in your mind.
it is like a hallucination.

The only thing is phenomenon that you are facing with now.
Each phenomenons is exsiting can touch and feel only one
part of them.Time line such as futre or past is just only touching them.

Time is just only an idea that humankind created.
Only Individual phenomenon dose exist.

126cm × 95 cm


Thema:The eggs of the universe


Successive universe is real figure of this universe.
It is like Life and death.
This universe will be be gone, the next one will be born.
Egg is symbol of the continuing universes by side by side.

This is not small story like nations or planets.
This is about universe.

the one universe will be born like an egg, live like a phoenix,and be perished.
however,the death is no longer end for the universe.
the death is the begining of the next universe.

Life and death.
black and white.
darkness and light.
nothingness and exitence.
water and flame

Two thing encountering is symbol of the continuing.
The egg is the symbol of the beginning and
It will grow in the nest.
the phoenix is the symbol of life and death.

the universe will continue like this eternally



Intangible may produce tangible.
Dance is intangible,symbol of power from body.
Flexibility of Dance itself may have limitless possibility.Therefore,
Dance can become anything like molten iron...

"Tatara" is Japanese ancient steel mill.
The rising flame produce molten iron.
Molten iron will become "Tamahagane".
"Tamahagane" is going to be "Katana" or "Tsurugi" which is Japanese ancient sword.

I dance like rising flame to make "Tamahagane",and forge "Tsurugi".
Famous "Tsurugi" of Japanese myth is "Kusanagi no Tsurugi"
It terminate evil and bring peace to the ground.

The ground had been filled with evil and empty.
I set fire on "Tatara" to melt iron and make fire stonger and  stronger.
Then,"Tamahagane" came out from "Tatara".
It will become "Kusanagi no Tsurugi".

The green weeds of ground are celebleting birth of "Kusanagi no Tsurugi" and
look forward to peace of ground.


Thema:Afterimage of Monet's Garden

I got inspration from  one of great painter - Givernny monet.
He made many great works.I abstracted one of famous works- Monet's Garden.

I watch it,feet it, hear it and dance it.This is my normal approach.
Of course, being at home.not at museum.

Coming up with afterimage of it from my body.

Color is sound.
Sound is movement.
Movement is color.

Then my painting will be born from my dance

His great picture of my memory will be shown again on my canvas.





Thema:Respect for Jackson Pollock


I respect Jackson Pollock as pioneer of action painting.
Aggressiveness of His drawing made me come up with a lot of colors on canvas.
However lastly I only felt pollock's movement purely.
That feeling appeared on canvas as pure white lines.
I think this is action painting.
Pureness of expressing your feeling is important in stead of only technick..It is my opinion.




Thema:Proof yourself


If you can see  inside of your blood vessel directly,
what you can see?only Red blood?

Actually ”yes”,but you are consisted by many factors.
You can see much more conplicated colors inside you blood vessel

You have been made with body ,mind,experience, environment.
Moreover , if you see it  more carefully,you can see other colors.

That color is Wave of light.
You are consisted by dots of light.
You are wave of light.

You are changing always and gaining different factors to make yourself.


Thema : Delacroix


I got inspration from one picture of Delacroix.
Hell and heaven.

Which do you feel that you belong to?
how do you feel when you watch it.

You can choose one that you feel better.


Thema: J-pop on TV


This is my opinion, could be Stereotype.
I think "Japanese show business" on Television is formed
by three main factors which can be named "3G".

"3G" is going to be "girls", "gangs", "gays".

 There are a lot of "Cute" and "Sexy" girls who is always
filled with limitless desire for money and self-revelation greed .
They are belong to entertainer office which is 
managed by member of Yakuza "Japanese Gang".

Yakuza has strong power to "Japanese show business".

Recently, Gay entertainer is very popular.They are men called "Okama".

Anyway,although New entertainers appear everyday on TV,
Almost of them will disappear soon later.
This is like a buble.I call it "Digital buble".
This is sarcastic view about J-Pop.